Sunflower prawn #garlicnoodle!!! 😱😱😱 (at Sunflower)
#Hightea fancyness with @regardingme for her fatty bday awesomeness!  (at The Rotunda)
#creamnation #win (at CREAM of San Francisco)
Peruvian food with @regardingmakeup @mrsasaral @thelastalvarado  (at Limón-SF)
First time at the Geary location… #sharetea (at Sharetea San Francisco)
Chinese pancake!!! Whoop whoop! (at House of Pancake)
Just because this is #winning (at Wako Donkasu)
Feels like a tourist today with @regardingmakeup walk around… Eating #OMUSUBI (at Sunny Blue)
First time making pizza with trader joes pizza dough 😁😁😁
Fuel stop before heading back to LA! 😁 (at Yokohama Yakitori Koubou)